Working in the restaurant business for 25 years, I have been exposed to
visual arts and design in a variety of pragmatic ways. From table settings,
to visual stage productions and plate and food presentations, these all
played a part in my understanding of art. Over the years, I was able to gain
the experience of design and production. I was able to use my abilities to
design menus, promotional flyers, limited package design and multimedia
works such as website updates and email campaigns. These tasks really
helped me as a person to come to the conclusion that I wanted to become a
designer for consumers to enjoy their experience.

The aim of design is to optimally communicate the content and the overall
theme of a product or experience. As a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s
interactive digital design program, I have gained an understanding of
design culture, typography and visual hierarchy. These elements are crucial
in achieving the aims of design. As a recent graduate and an emerging
designer, I feel that it is important to further enhance my creativity and
critical thinking skills in ways that would enable me to solve complex
problems. Both Quinnipiac University and Vermont College of Fine Arts has
instilled in me the need to be an active learner and to constantly challenge
myself to gain expertise in creating and making sound design choices.

In tough economic times, I am fortunate to gain professional employment
as production supervisor for a catalog company. Through peer mentoring
and experience, I will only increase my intuitive skills in being able to
quickly identify the pros and cons of alternative solutions, and finding
effective approaches to problem solving. While taking classes at Quinnipiac
University, I found peer mentoring and coaching with fellow students and
faculty to be an effective approach in gaining a better understanding of
graphic design. Teaching and learning are processes that not only impart
knowledge and skills to others but also foster ones own. Having taught
in the past, my experience with teachers and students at Quinnipiac has
made me rediscover a passion for teaching and learning. I recognized
that to be an effective designer and to become an effective educator are
complimentary and not mutually exclusive goals. Being able to communicate
outstanding design and model to students will not only harness the
students’ talent and eye for design but will also reinforce my drive for continuing competency.

At Quinnipiac University and Vermont College Of Fine Arts, I explored
various design topics, such as, prints, mobile media, website and social
networking, along design theory and reasoning while gaining a better
understanding of increasing the user experience. Were I would like to
further advance and refine my skills are creating a school platform that
would enhance the students usability and better understanding of school
curriculum and goals.